Marissa Fayer

A detailed oriented Medical Device Operations Business Executive with a pragmatic and hands-on management style in public and equity backed companies. Founder and CEO of HERHealthEQ.

Marissa has spent the last 16 years growing Medical Device Manufacturing companies into world-class organizations and has been able to do that because of her distinct blend of Engineering, Operations, Quality, Product Development, and Strategic skills.

Marissa has successfully implemented multiple $15M+ product expansions in several countries, focusing in Latin America and lower cost US locations. She has also championed and implemented $1M+ annual year-over-year cost reductions at several facilities in several companies.

“Marissa is a winner and a Change Agent and creates the winning atmosphere around her. She continues to be recognized as a leader and creates teams of leaders by mentoring many high-achievers to successful promotions.”
“Marissa drives companies forward by strategy development, Strategic Leadership, Implementing Operational Efficiencies, Transformations, and Delving into the issues. She sees the big picture and drives toward it.”

Her passion is Growth, professionally and personally, and she actively participates in the world around her.

Expertise in

  • Global Product transfers
  • Medical Device Manufacturing and Operations
  • Engineering, Operations, and Quality team management
  • Project Portfolio strategy and goal setting
  • Worldwide Operations Management
  • Latin America / Caribbean Manufacturing
  • New Facility creation and/or expansions
  • $1M+ Cost Reductions

Specialties Include

  • Medical Device Industry
  • Global Operations Management
  • Global Project Management
  • Global Product transfers
  • Strategy creation
  • Multi-million $ cost reduction programs
  • FDA, Cross-functional Product/Project management
  • New Product Introduction
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Production support
  • Cross Cultural experiences and differences
  • Women and Girls development.

Marissa Fayer

Medical Device Executive