Global Knowledge, Local Thinking

For any organisation seeking to grow, the most important task is aligning strategy and sales.  When entering a new market, this strong connection is especially vital in order to succeed. Focusing on the northern hemisphere we articulate an international strategy in plain English. We then translate strategic choices into sales tasks that deliver results. We will help you improve your organisation’s sales and strategy. Using our expertise, we close the gap between international strategy and sales and establish crucial on the ground connections to ensure your business thrives.

You're special

Your business is unique, with a well-defined offering.  Your technology could be disruptive and ground breaking.  Together we can work on a bespoke market strategy, positioning you for growth and sales in the Northern Hemisphere markets.

Blood, sweat and tears

We’ve been there and we get it.  The blood, sweat and tears have got you this far. There’s more to come, but the good news is you’re not alone.  Citrus Tree Consultants work alongside you with both the strategy and implementation.

Actions speak louder than words

You’ll get the pretty document; you’ll also get the hard yards.  Businesses don’t deal with businesses.  People work with people.  We’re your team on the ground establishing meaningful, authentic relationships and networks for you to harness and develop.